Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tips: Coconut Oil Beauty Uses!

The many uses of coconut oil...

  • Makeup Remover
  • Moisturizer / Night Cream (recommend for dry/normal) 
  • Body Lotion/Oil (drier skin)
  • Help prevent stretch marks while pregnant (see above)
  • Natural SPF4 sunscreen
  • Lash / Brow Growth serum. (mix with castor oil)
  • Facial Mask (mix with honey for hydration + massage it in if you’re in a rush) 
  • Natural Facial Exfoliant (use with brown sugar)
  • Lip balm / Chapstick
  • Cuticle Oil 
  • Hand Cream/Oil
  • Helps psoriasis and eczema
  • Hair Mask (leave in a cap for 30 min-overnight)
  • Body Exfoliant (mix with salt or sugar)
  • At home Pedi? (mix with honey and sugar/salt to soften and get rid of dry heels)
  • Oil Pulling (google it, it can whiten teeth and improve gum health)
  • Natural Shaving Lotion
  • Massage in scalp with Castor Oil to stimulate hair growth (leave in over night with a cap for maximum results)
  • Anti-Frizz (use the tiniest amount on ends of hair)
  • Use on Cold Sores
  • Leave In Conditioner / Hair Oil on damp hair (mix with Argan oil)
  • Mix with Shea Butter for a richer Body Lotion
  • Dry skin? Apply some to your bare face before getting in the shower. Shower as usual then use a face wash to remove oil. Having the oil on will stop the hot water from stripping your natural oil / drying out your skin.
  • Mix with soap for a luxurious brush cleaner (olive oil too)
  • Mix 1 drop of each essential oil (lavender and tea tree) for athlete’s foot. (If serious see a doctor, get a store prescription)
*I recommend Jojoba oil in place of coconut oil if you have oily/combo oily skin. It’s closer to the oil we produce and is less comedogenic. 
** When buying Coconut Oil look for unrefined. 

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