Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mikasa Beauty Classic Essential Kit Review

“Invent your look with the Mikasa Beauty Classic Essential Kit. Featuring a collection of 10 high-end professional brushes for the face and eyes, this complete kit allows the creation of all essential makeup styles. A modern and chic designed container comes included to organize and hold the brushes.”

(brush holder + brushes)
F110, F200, F100, F300
E220, E100, E110, E200, E300, E210
(Full brush with handle details)

Face Brushes:

  • F100 Powder Brush: I love this brush. It’s really soft and fluffy. It’s perfect for applying face powder. It is slight tapered so you can apply it on the side or with the top. (a blend of synthetic and natural bristles)
  • F110 Angled Blush Brush: This is my favorite face brush in the kit. Mikasabrushes tend to run a tad smaller than the typical brush. So this is your average angled face brush but it’s a little bit smaller. I love small brushes for the face. This is perfect for contouring, blush, highlight. I use this brush every single time I do my makeup. (natural bristles) 
  • F200 Duo Fibre Finishing Brush: I only own 2 duo fibre brushes. Both aren’t exactly soft but this one is. This is what a good duo fibre brush should feel like. I’m really enjoying this brush. I use this for bronzer, face powder, and blending my entire cheek area. (duo fibre aka a mix of natural / black and synthetic / white bristles)
  • F300 Foundation Brush: I hate these types of brushes. I think I own 5? They come in every makeup brush set. Today flat top (any kabuki brush) or a beautyblender is the choice for any beauty lover when applying foundation. I really wish brands would realize this. As an esthetician I will use this for masks during facials. So while I’m not a huge fan of these I can get some use from them. (synthetic)

Eye Brushes:

  • E100 Angled Liner Brush: This brush is fairly stiff. It’s the only eye brush I don’t really use. I don’t like these types of brushes for eyeliner. I did like it for powder in my brows though. (natural bristles)
  • E110 Eyeliner Brush: I was surprised I liked this brush. I like a small eyeliner brush because I have smaller hooded eyes. This one isn’t as small as my smallest liner brush but not as big as my ‘typical’ sized eye liner brush. I’m fairly sure this is synthetic which I really like. Since it is synthetic it doesn’t fray after washing like natural brushes can do. I get a really nice precise line with this brush. (synthetic)
  • E200 Angled Shadow Brush: The angled shadow brush as longer bristles but isn’t as wide as my other angled shadow brushes. I mostly use these types of brushes to contour my nose, applying a base shadow on the lid, and applying a highlight on my inner corner. (natural bristles)
  • E210 Small Shadow Brush: This is my favorite eye brush! As I mentioned before Mikasa brushes run a tad smaller than the typical brush. This is a perfect example. Unlike more shader brushes this one has shorter bristles. I really love this one. It’s perfect for the lid. (natural bristles)
  • E220 Concealer Brush: The concealer brush is a tad longer and not as stiff as my other concealer brushes. I like this because I don’t own any brushes like this. My other ones are all really flat and stiff but with this brush I can get a good application with a blend-ability. (synthetic)
  • E300 Blending Brush: I have a Blending 101 post where I talk about this brush. It’s a nice unique brush that is multi-purpose for the crease area. (natural bristles)
Overall I’m really loving these brushes. The firs time I washed them (I always wash brushes before I use them, even new ones) I experienced minimal shedding. I mostly had shedding on the powder, angled blush, duo fibre, and blending brush. The others didn’t shed at all. The next few washes I had shedding with the powder and duo fibre brushes, nothing major though. A few of these brushes are like nothing I have. I think this is a really good quality kit. It’s fairly priced and the 10 brushes all serve a purpose. There aren’t any that I think are a waste of space. I mean I’m not a fan of the foundation brush but I know some people actually like those brushes. They are also good to use when cream contour/highlighting. I find my self using it with cream highlights to blend out when i don’t feel like using my fingers. 
  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes.
  • How many stars? 4 out of 5 
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Anyone looking for quality brushes.
  • Price? $89.95 CAD on sale regular $109.95
  • Last Comments? I like this kit. It has your typical brushes in a basic kit but the brand has their own twist on brushes. Quite a few of the brushes I don’t own anything like them. I think if you’re looking for a basic kit to start your makeup brush journey these would work perfectly. If you own a makeup kit and are looking for a new one this would be a great addition too.
Have you tried Mikasa Brushes? Thoughts?
These products were sent to me for review. My opinions/thoughts are completely honest! ♡

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