Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blending Brushes 101

There are many types of blending brushes. I picked the different types I have to show you different bristles, shapes, and density. 

MAC 217, Sigma E25, Crown Pro Blending Crease, Sedona Lace 863
Simga E45, MAC 286, Crown C460, Mikasa E300
  • MAC 217: This is my favorite brush. It’s a tapered brush that has a pinched ferrule for a flat shape. The tip is fluffy and a bit oval. I mostly use this for placing product in my crease. As I add more colors I’ll use to this get more precise blending. (Goat Hair)
  • Sigma E25:  People say this is a dupe for the brush above and I disagree. This brush has the same pinched flat ferrule with a tapered oval tip but it’s fluffier. I get less product placement with this brush. While with my MAC 217 I can place color and get a deeper pigmentation. This give a more soft application. I use it on more natural days in the same way I use my MAC 217. (Goat Hair)
  • Crown C441 Pro Blending Crease: This brush is another favorite! My second favorite to be exact. It has a round ferrule and is large, round, and fluffy. This one I use to place my base color and base transition color. After I apply my primer I will use a shadow close to my skin tone all over with this brush. Then I’ll take my lightest crease shade / transition color and put it all over my crease. After I’ll use whatever brush I’m using in my crease and use this brush to blend out every shade before placing down the next shade. (Goat Hair)
  • Sedona Lace 863: I’ve said before I’m not a fan of Sedona Lace brushes and I still stand by it. As you can tell from the photo the brush has a lot of “breakage”, hairs split out everywhere. This brush is similar to the Crown C441 but it’s wider at the tip. I use it in the same way as the Crown C441. (natural bristles)
  • Simga E45: My third favorite brush! I need to get more brushes like this. I have smaller hooded eyes so this is perfect for when I want a more exactplacement. This brush has rounded ferrule but is tapered to a pointed tip. Since it has that sharper tip you can get a more exact placement. This is perfect for the outer v. This is the smallest crease brush I have. I do want more brushes smaller than this for better placement. With hooded eyes I struggle even with this brush to stop my crease from going too high. This is the most dense of the brushes shown. (natural bristles, possibly dyed goat hair)
  • MAC 286: The MAC 286 is a longer bristle brush. I think it’s the longest I own. This brush has the same shape as the Crown C441 but is a different bristle type. I get very minimal placement with this brush. I use this particular brush when I want a no makeup makeup look. This can also work with super dark colors when you want a sheerer wash of color. This isn’t the best for blending. But when working with light shades it does the job. This is the least dense of the brushes shown. (Duo Fibre)
  • Crown C460 Infinity Blending Fluff: I call this a MAC 217! The brush is synthetic and keeps its shape well. It has the same shape as the MAC 217. It works just as well and is synthetic for people who don’t want to use animal hair brushes. (Synthetic)
  • Mikasa E300*: I’ve never owned a brush in this shape. When I first got it I though “oh this is one of those super dense brushes that I can only get placement with” (I have a Sonia Kashuk brush that’s the same shape and very dense. I hate it hence why it’s not in this review.) But to my surprise it’s quite fluffy and blends great. It’s a rounder ferrule with a rounded tip, hairs are shorter and denser than Crown 441. It kind of the smallerversion of that brush even though it is denser. I like using it for placing color and a precise blending. This one is multi-purpose compared to the other brushes listed. This brush has the shortest hair length. (Natural bristles)
I hope this was helpful. Obviously you can use the brushes in all different ways. I just have certain brushes I like for certain things. If you could only get 2-3 brushes I would recommend: MAC 217, Crown C441, and Simga E45. All brands have “dupes” for these brushes. So you don’t have to buy them in that particular brand but those shapes are my favorite. *Sent to me by company.

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