Sunday, April 5, 2015

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow: Milk Tea Review

“Breakthrough long-lasting gel-powder formula with super-saturated pigments." 

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) recently revamped their powder shadows / blushes. Since they came out I heard rave review after rave review and I hope you guys are ready for another. These shadows are .07 oz compared to MAC Shadows .05 oz and Sugarpill .12 oz.
Artist Shadow is available in 5 finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond. The range is very large spanning 210 shades, I counted 205 on the Sephora website though. On MUFE website they send you to Sephora to purchase. Sephora has a select amount in store but all can be bought online. I’m assuming Pro members can buy it on the Pro site as I was recently told Sephora no longer accepts MUFE Pro card discounts. Within the shadows MUFE designed specifies shades as blushes: Frosted Peach, Mahogany, Mandarin, Rust, Pumpkin, Copper Red, Watermelon, Electric Coral, Coral Pink, Golden Pink, Electric Purple, Tangerine, Poppy, Milk Toffee, Peach, Bisque, Salmon, Orange,Tomato, Coral, Grenadine,Tea Pink, Light Rosewood, Purple, Canyon, Apricot, Auburn, Flesh-colored Pink, Rosewood, Dark Purple Pink, and Eggplant. 
The shade I picked up was Milk Tea / M-536. It in in the matte formula. I picked this up because I saw MUFE Artist Jo Baker say this was her favorite shadow; “I’m a big fan of matte shadows because you can use them for contouring as well as on the eye. This color is the perfect soft midtone brown. It’s as neutral as brown can be.” 
I wanted a shade specifically for contouring. I had heard good reviews of other products but this just stuck in my mind. I had been wanting Illamasqua Heroine eyeshadow but since they are no longer available in the US I took the plunge with this shadow. I went to the store and swatched this and immediately loved the formula. It was smooth, pigmented, and didn’t have any kick up. Milk Tea is just as Jo described, a light-medium neutral brown. It has enough warmth to not look ashy but not too much that it looks like a bronzer. It gives a very natural contour and I love it as a blending eyeshadow. 
They are described as gel-powder and I’m not quite sure why. I think they describe it like than to explain it will apply very smoothly, no drag, but without the “creamy” feeling some shadows have. I like the formula because “creamy” shadows tend to crease on my hooded eyes. I thought I would clarify that these aren’t a gel consistency (like a moisturizer or shadow base) because that might turn some people off. It’s simple a powder.
  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes.
  • How many stars? 5 out of 5
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Everyone. 
  • Overall thoughts? These are simply amazing. If I could I would buy every single shade. I don’t have one complaint with this shadow. 
  • Price? $21 (not including palette) “Add a MAKE UP FOR EVER Mono, Duo, or Trio Artist Shadow Custom Palette Case to your cart for $1. When you add 2 Artist Shadows and a Duo Palette to your basket, a $9 discount will be applied automatically at checkout. When you add 3  Artist Shadows and a Trio Palette to your basket, a $20 discount will be applied automatically at checkout. Only one discount applied per order; discount not applicable for orders shipping outside the U.S.” (Sephora website)
  • Last Comments? I’m super impressed with my shadow! I think it’s hard to get a matte shadow to be the prefect formula and MUFE did an excellent job. I’ve only swatched the other formulas but they are just as pigmented and I can’t wait to buy some more. I love the size and the multi-purpose ability. I’m usually not a huge fan of multi-use products but these ones just work because the formula is smooth. I can get a clean / non-patchy application on my face as well as eyes.
Have you tried the new MUFE shadows? Thoughts?

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