Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eyemimo Lashes Review


Lashes, oh lashes! I was so excited to receive lashes from Eyemimo. I picked up 3 Natural options and 1 Glam option. They came in the prettiest package.

These lashes range from $6 (NTR) to $7.99 (GLM). I’ve had these lashes for a few days and have worn them everyday! 
  • NTR 06: These lashes are medium length lashes. They look quite natural, almost as if you were wearing a great mascara. Out of all of the ones these were my least favorite. Not because of the quality but they were more natural than I thought they would be. I usually wear this same style in the long version. (Clear band)
  • NTR 48: These are amazing. I would say these are basically the same style as the Ardell Demi Wispie. (Clear band)
  • NTR 43: I’ve never had lashes in this style before. I like them, they are nice and spikey. They are also really long which I love. The band is solid black but doesn’t look bad without eyeliner. I usually never wear eyeliner so I was surprised to see how good they looked without liner. (Black thin band)
  • GLM 12: Oh my these are definitely my favorite. They are just so beautiful. If you were to buy any lashes from Eyemimo I think the GLM collection is the best. I joke that these are triple stacked lashes and they do look the part. I have some double stacked lashes and the one think I hate about them if they look blocky on the eye. These lashes are nice and thick, full, but have a great wispie vibe. While wearing them you don’t get that solid black line wear the lashes end like normal double stacked lashes. (Black thick band)

With all these lashes I was pleasantly surprised on how they applied. Usually I have some difficulty with lashes. Lashes tend to be quite straight and don’t “hug” my eye well. I love the way the Eyemimo lashes hugged my eyes! I swear this was the best application I’ve had with lashes in a while. They just popped on, all I had to do was push down the inner corner…. no mess, no fuss. I usually get about 10+ wears from “cheap” $1-3 lashes. So far these ones are holding up great. The bands aren’t getting all messed up yet which is a major plus. Note: I don’t apply mascara on my false lashes because it lowers the wear time.
  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes and No. (explained below)
  • How many stars? NTR 3 out of 5 // GLM 5 out of 5
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Anyone who loves lashes will like these!
  • Overall thoughts? I really like these lashes. I think 2 of the pairs I got (GLM12 & NTR 43) are unique to the normal lashes I find at the store. I would definitely buy some more of the GLM collection lashes. The ends were nice, tapered, and finding good thick lashes that don’t look overly fake is hard to find. The NTR 43 were a nice unique style. I will definitely check out the other styles. On the other hand the other 2 pairs (NTR 06 & NTR 48) were good but I can find those styles anywhere. They were a higher quality than my local beauty supply lashes ($1-3 lash brands) but meh! I think that if you want some good quality ones I would check these out. They have the GLM collection which i really enjoy and within the NTR collection they have some great styles that are unique and classic.
  • Last Comments? They also sell bottom lashes, Colored lashes, and “High Fashion” lashes ($6-12)! I really want to get some lower lashes because the only other brand that sells lower lashes are quite expensive. I personally wouldn’t wear the colored or high fashion collections but they could be great for photoshoots or Cosplay! 
Have you tried these lashes before? Thoughts? 
These products were sent to me for review. My opinions/thoughts are completely honest! ♡

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