Saturday, April 4, 2015

Matte Skin 101

Here are my tips for having a long lasting matte face that isn’t cake-y!

  • Moisturizer: Skin care is important for having a matte face. If you aren’t taking care of your skin the matte products will go on streaky, cake-up, and you face will produce more oil. Besides having a good face wash, wear a moisturizer! I know it sounds dumb. I use to never ever wear moisturizer. Now that I do my face is less oily and my products apply better. Ex: Clinique Dramatically Different Gel (oily skin)
  • Primer: A matte primer can be key for keeping a matte face. There are MATTE primers and mattifying primers. I personally don’t like heavy duty matte primer but if you’re extremely oily I would recommend getting a very matte one. 
    • Ex: Becca Ever Matte Primer (for the oiliest in the land) / Laura Mercier Oil-Free primer (controls shine)
  • Foundation: When looking for a foundation look for a long wearing foundation. Most long wearing foundations are also matte. There are all different formulas but most dry fast. So when applying foundation work on one area at a time. Press in the foundation with a brush then blend out for a seamless look. If you want to avoid looking cake-y apply a thin layer then use concealer to cover blemishes. Applying too much foundation can cause the product to bunch up as the oils from your face break through. 
    • Ex: Estee Lauder Double Wear (my holy grail for humidity) / YSL Fusion Ink (light-weight, less coverage)
  • Concealer: Very much like concealers most matte products tend to be full coverage and long wearing. There are multiple formulas like foundation. Unlike foundations I like certain formulas for certain areas when concealing. Use a more liquid concealer under the eyes and thicker concealers for blemishes. (but as always you can do whatever you please). 
    • Ex: MAC Pro Longwear (under eyes) / Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer (spot concealing)
  • Powder: Matte powders are my favorite part of a matte face and more important than concealers/foundations. Using the wrong powder can actually make you more cake-y. I always recommend using a loose powder! Occasionally I will use a pressed but I find I use more product. Try to find finely milled powders so you can use less and not have a “thick” appearance to the face. 
    • Ex: MUFE Super Matte Loose / Tarte Smooth Operator
  • Blush / Bronzer: For an perfectly matte face it’s best to use a matte bronzer/contour and blush! Don’t use a highlighter either. If you are extremely oily you will get oily on your cheeks and having a highlighter will only accentuate the oil. This is the one tip I don’t follow. I really like a shimmer blush , highlight, and demi-matte bronzers.  
    • Ex: Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer / Tarte Matte Blushes
  • Setting Spray: A setting spray can really help a matte face. First a setting spray can take away the powder-y look giving you a more natural look. Second it can help lock in your foundation so you have less fading. 
    • Ex: Ben Nye Final Seal (not for sensitive skin)
  • Touch-ups: There are multiple ways to touch up your face when it gets oily. My favorite is using a matte setting spray (UrbanDecay De-Slick). With this product you aren’t adding more powder to cake up and you’re not using blot sheet which removes makeup. Of course you can always use a blot powder (MAC Blot Powder) to add more coverage if you’re makeup is fading and oil is shining through. Last blot sheets (CVS brand) can always be used. I’m not a huge fan but I know some people swear by these.
If you have dry skin and want a long wearing look I recommend: a demi-matte foundation, setting your face, and using a setting spray (fix+ or urban decay dew me). With dry skin you don’t need to use a matte spray to get the matte look because of the foundation/powder but using a dewy one will help you face from looking cake-y.
My last tip is avoid touching your face. Even if we don’t notice it touching your face can add oil and smudge your makeup. It’ll be hard at first but now I never touch my face! It’s not that hard when I think about how I want my makeup to last and avoid break outs from not washing my hands after I… idk get gas and don’t wash my hands! lol 

Avoiding Cake-y Face:

  • When applying primer less is more. If you apply too much primer you’re not helping your face become less oily. Use just a little all over. When you apply too much you’re adding extra thickness/layers that are not needed.
  • Foundation is the same way. Most matte foundation are full coverage. So applying one thin layer will give good coverage, no need to worry. If afterwards you don’t have the desired coverage then go over problem areas with another thin layer or spot conceal with concealer.
  • I saw this is a Wayne Goss video recently and didn’t realize I’ve done this before! Take a tissue paper, split it in half and use it to press into your foundation after it’s set. The tissue paper will absorb the excess oil and foundation before you set your face with powder.
  • As I said above loose powder gives the matte feel with less product. Finely milled powders give you that “silicone” feel and since it’s finely milled it’s a smaller particle. This allows the powder to cover every crease without excess powder and a heavy look.
  • If you accidentally went over board on powder a setting spray can get rid of that look! A heavy duty setting spray like the Ben Nye final Seal will be like hair spray for your face. This stuff is no joke, a few sprays and your face will not budge. (even through sweat and humidity)

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