Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zoeva Brushes: Complete Eye Set Review

“Achieve that model eye-look for your every day life. Each one of the 12 brushes is tailored to create specific makeup techniques like nude, smoky, classic or bold eye makeup.” Zoeva

Zoeva Brushes: Individual Brushes Review


"ZOEVA is a German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The brand name ZOEVA is composed of ZOE, the Greek word for ‘life’ and EVA, the very first woman. From a basic range of only 10 makeup brushes, ZOEVA now offers a professional portfolio of over 50 makeup tools and 100 colors for a full face makeup routine. Our products are designed to make a real difference in the way women experience their beauty rituals.”

Sunday, July 12, 2015

AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit Review

"The AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit works to sculpt and highlight your favorite features. AEsthetica Contour Kit combines darker matte pressed powders and illuminating highlighting shades, in a handbag-friendly mirrored palette!”