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Jane Lip Gloss & Intense Lip Gloss Review

“Get a knockout pout with Jane’s glamorous Lip Gloss. The high-performance, special moisturizing formula is available in an array of sheer, shimmery, and intense hues. Use it alone for beautiful color and kissable shine”
"Compassion is contagious. For every Jane cosmetics sold, Jane will donate one equal beauty product to a local woman’s shelter to give the gift of confidence. Buy-One, Give-One To A Neighbor In Need.”

Jane Cosmetics has been around for quite some time. Today I’m reviewing the Lip Gloss and Intense Lip Gloss formula by Jane. The Lip Gloss formula contains 15 shades in an array of shimmer and sheer shades. The Intense Lip Gloss formula contains 10 shades all a flat (no shimmer) color.
I received 2 Intense and 1 regular Lip Gloss. In the Intense formula I have Make A Difference and Lasting Impression. In the regular Lip Gloss Formula I have Desire. (swatches below)
Make A Difference (no flash / flash)
Lasting Impression  (no flash / flash)
Desire  (no flash / flash)
Make A Difference, Lasting Impression, Desire  (no flash / flash)
The swatches on my arm show a better representation of Lasting Impression.
  • Make A Difference is a light/medium bubble gum pink; they describe it as a bubblegum pink.
  • Lasting Impression is a deep wine red with a magenta base; they describe it as a rich red.
  • Desire is a mauve-y medium pink-y brown with hot pink glitter/shimmer; they describe it as rosy brown pearl.
Let’s talk color for a bit. In the Intense formula Lasting Impression is definitely an opaque shade. I was very impressed with how pigmented it was. But Make A Difference seems like a regular Lip Gloss not an Intense one. It is fairly sheer. A nice color but not as intense as Make A Difference by any means. Desire is nice but I personally hate glosses with glitter. I find the glitter just sticks to the lips. But this is a shade right up my moms alley! She loves muted pink and glitter lip glosses. So I know there is a need for these types of glosses in any brands line-up. 
Jane claims: “Special moisturizing formula softens and hydrates lips. Enriched with antioxidant-packed vitamin E. Slanted tip makes application a breeze.” 
First I have to say I hate the applicator! (It’s more sanitary for MUAs though). Yikes, I like my lip gloss to have a wand. It’s whatever but if it was a wand I would like the product more. I personally can’t get a great application with slanted tips. With the sheerer shades it was fine but with Make A Difference I struggled a bit. 
Formula wise these are fairly sticky! They are smooth and have a tacky-ness. They aren’t super super sticky but they are definitely a stickier gloss. These remind me a lot of MAC Lip Glasses, from the formula to the opacity. These are a cheaper dupe!
Might I add these smell? Not in a bad way. They smell like cupcakes to me or a full on sugar cookie! For me personally I do not mind scents…. except when they are this scent. I know that’s odd but I can’t even stand the cookie/cupcake scent in candles. It doesn’t linger though. So no worries if you don’t like the scent either. But I thought it was worth mentioning because some people are very sensitive to smells.
Lastly let’s talk about wear time. The Intense Lip Glosses build up color nicely. Lasting Impression can be a sheer red color to an rich red. It doesn’t settle into fine lines when layered up. You can fell you have lip gloss on but I appreciate the non-patchy color application. I find they do bleed a bit and you can see the wear after 2-ish hours. I would recommend wearing a lip liner with the Intense Lip Glosses, especially if you’re going to layer for max opacity. While the depth, intense color starts to fade after 2 hours it’s still not a light color. It’s like the color on the lip swatch vs the arm swatch. It doesn’t fade patchy rather all over loses opacity. As any lip gloss does…. these transfer! Drinking, eating, touching your lips these will transfer/smudge. I think that’s expected with a lip gloss. These wear for about 4-5 hours (no eating/drinking) without the need for touch ups. The glosses are on the “moisturizing” side. My lips didn’t got dry while wearing these but I don’t think I got the moisturization from a balm though.
  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes and No.
  • How many stars? 2.5 out of 5 
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Gloss lovers. MAC Lip Glass lovers! (yay dupe-able formulas) I am not a fan of the applicator and it’s a huge turn off for me. Yet I know tons of people like them. My mom and best friend love them. So while they may not be for me I know they would really like them.
  • Overall thoughts? The formula is nice. I know some people don’t mind a sticker gloss. My mom loves them because “when my lips are no longer sticky I know I need to apply more (color has faded)”. Like I’ve said 100 times in the review I hate the applicator. I think I would give it a high rating it the packaging was better. But as stated above some people like this packaging. I will definitely get some for my mom and friends as presents. Oh and my friend is obsessed with the scent, all my sugary scent lovers will love it. (I’m a floral girl myself.)
  • Price? $7 (Khol’s and Jane’s website)
  • Last Comments? I think these are great for teens, people who are just getting into makeup, people on a budget, and those on the go. The formula isn’t ridiculously sticky and they have a wide range of colors which is a major plus for the drugstore. I also love Jane’s compassion and need to help. It’s amazing they donate makeup to people who need it. When you’re struggling there is nothing like some makeup to make you feel great. You apply it and gain back your confidence knowing you can do this, you’ll make it through this, you’ll be more confident going into interviews. It really makes me want to cry thinking about people in those situations and if buying a product I like can help someone else, I’m all for that.
Have you tried Jane Lip Glosses? Thoughts?
These products were sent to me for review. My opinions/thoughts are completely honest! ♡

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