Monday, June 1, 2015

Hydrangea Beauty Mink and Synthetic Lashes Review

Hydrangea Beauty’s lashes are made in small batches, under the highest standard of quality control, using cruelty free mink fur. While our prices are a fraction of what you may find elsewhere, we will never sacrifice our quality standards in the production of our lashes.”



Lashes (Doll Face, ChinChilly, Violet):

(look how fluffy they are)
  • Doll Face: “Spikey lash design gives that total ‘Baby Doll’ eye. Perfect for everyday or evening wear!” 
    • These give a great I’m wearing individual clusters look with the ease of strip lashes. Doll Face can be cut up into individual lashes too. I really like this because I trim my lashes but I can still get use out of them. Lash Length: medium-long
  • ChinChilly: “The fluffiest, plushest, wispiest mink lash you have ever seen! This lash features thick density furs, in a criss cross full design. Similar to most of the popular wispy designs only in a luxurious mink style. Achieve volume and subtle thickness with this beautiful wispy cluster design!” 
    • These have so much drama on my eyes! (hooded) They have a great curl to them and have thick clusters that still look natural. ChinChilly is long all the way around giving a great doe look. Lash Length: long
  • Violet: “A lash thats not made for the faint of heart, violet features thick clusters of straight mink furs, a very full lash that will without a doubt make your eyes the center of attention, a very straight full lash, the light weight and natural shape of mink fur make it have a very natural effect on the eye that won’t weight it down.” 
    • These are my favorite. They are straight like my natural lashes so they blend great. This style flicks up just at the end of the individual lash to give your lashes a open, slightly curled look. But your lashes look thick and plump too. Violet starts shorter on the inner corner and gets longer towards the outside corner, giving a slight lifted look. Lash Length: medium


I’m head over heels with these lashes! 
The mink lashes are very very very high quality. First things first, I have small eyes and sometimes lashes fall apart when I trim them. These lashes I had no problem with. This is fantastic for me because trust me I’ve had expensive lashes fall apart when trimmed. 
Second these lashes are light-weight. I think if you were even a newbie to lashes you would love these. I put them on and immediately told Elena (owner of company) how shocked I was. The lashes are very full and have great length. I thought they would have a slightly weighted feel. Honestly it felt like I wasn’t wearing lashes at all. I mean look at ChinChilly, those felt like nothing! 
Third I’m amazed at the quality of these lashes at such an affordable cost. I think I should mention that low cost doesn’t equal low quality with Hydrangea Beauty Lashes. I’m usually a person who believes price does have some effect on quality but Elena really made these for everyone.
Fourth the lash bands are thin! As many of you know I don’t wear liner. I have smaller, hooded eyes so I try and avoid it unless I’m going for an ultra smokey look! With these lashes I don’t needs to put on liner to ‘hide’ the lash band. Again a major bonus for me because I hate when I feel like I have to wear liner with falsies to make them look natural.
Lastly the lashes are overall great quality. I haven’t had any issues with the lashes. When I see other brands of lashes being well over $30+ and people complaining that they aren’t that long lasting…. I don’t have that problem.Hydrangea Beauty Lashes are perfection. I can not wait for new styles!!!
  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes.
  • How many stars? 5 out of 5
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Those who looking for good quality false lashes.
  • Price? $16.50 | in 10 styles (mink) / $8.50 in 2 styles (synthetic) | current line-up as of May2015
  • Last Comments? These lashes are amazing. They are incredibly light-weight. I haven’t had any problems with shedding / falling apart with use! 
Have you tried the Hydrangea Beauty’s Lashes?? Thoughts?

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