Monday, June 8, 2015

Day to Night Makeup 101

Tips for taking your Day looks into the Night.

These tips all depend on what you’re version of day makeup is! 
If you tend to wear very dramatic day makeup, these tips might not help much. Your look could already be ready for a night out.
  • Be prepared, bring all the stuff you need before leaving the house. 
  • Decide what you want to emphasis! Do you want to add definition to your lips, eyes, cheeks? It’s important to have a plan before hand so you don’t add too much makeup on top of your Day makeup!
  • Step up your lip color from a light hue to a deep shade.
  • Loving your light lip color? Add a lip liner for more definition. *Also do this is you were already wearing a deeper shade and wasn’t wearing a liner.
  • Already wearing a deep shade? Add a matching gloss over top and highlight your cupids bow for a sleek pouty look.
  • Deepen your eyeshadow (outer v).
  • Add black / brown eyeliner to your waterline (from nothing or a nude/white in the day).
  • If you already were wearing black liner on the waterline, drag a bit below and smudge out for a extra smokey look.
  • Spray your face with something like Evian Face Mist to refresh your foundation to become more moveable for touch ups.
  • Use a mini beautyblender to smooth out any areas where foundation has bunched up.
  • Use concealer to touch up rather than foundation.
  • Blot!
  • Re-powder with a loose powder so you don’t get to cake-y.
  • Add highlighter (if you were not wearing it before / or a more dramatic one).
  • Add some contouring so your face has some dimension in the low lighting. 
  • Curl your lashes.
  • Add falsies / more dramatic falsies if you were already wearing some.
  • Add winged liner (if you were not wearing it before / were just wearing a straight line)
  • Add shadow to your lower lash line / deepen your lower lash line.
  • Add glitter! Ex: If you were already wearing a smokey eye adding a pop of glitter on the center of your lid will surely catch the light while you are out.
  • Add a bright/shimmering inner corner.
  • Deepen your brows a bit to match your look / Clean up your brows to add more definition! 
  • Damped your brush and use a pigment on the lid. It will add a pop a lot easier than a shadow.
  • Skip the blush. Being busy all day has probably made you flushed, so you already have enough rosy-ness!
  • Change your fragrance to something woody, deep, sultry, and rich vs a light airy floral / sugary scent. 
  • If you were already wearing deeper makeup go over your eyeshadow with a blending brush to help soak up excess oil, blend out makeup that has moved, and give a smokey-er look.
  • Go over your face with a large powder brush to make sure everything to super blended!
  • Want to start all over? Try using a makeup cleansing oil. It will remove your makeup fast, leave your skin clean without using a face wash, and has a moisturizing benefit so you can skin the moisturizer since you’re in a rush.

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