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Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads Review


Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads firm and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye area. These single-use pads contain concentrated ingredients to provide maximum anti-aging benefits in a gentle formulation. Lactobionic Acid (10%) hydrates while it stimulates cell renewal and supports the dermal matrix, firming the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines.”



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(close up / the back of the individual packs have the same writing on the back)


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Ingredient Benefits:

  • Lactobionic acid: is a less irritating form of AHA (exfoliant). AHA’s help promote cell turnover. Cell turnover helps promote new skin cells to form leading to younger and more radiant skin. When skin is exfoliated is allows for better absorption of moisturizer and hydrators.
  • Vitamin E: is softening/smoothing, helps fade hyper pigmentation, an antioxidant, and is anti-aging (reduce wrinkles).
  • Vitamin A: is an antioxidant, improves hydration, exfoliates, and is anti-aging (reduce wrinkles).
The box contains 12 single use packs. Each single pack contains 2 masks, one for under each eye. As part of this review I used the product (oiler skin), my sister used some (drier/sensitive skin), and my mother used some (mature skin).

Personal Experience (Oily Skin):

The first time I used this I left them on for 30 mins. When I took them off I was left with a tacky feeling. Have you ever put on too much serum and it didn’t absorb? That’s kind of how my skin felt. I didn’t find I could “massage” it in because it was too tacky. I sprayed my face with my toner and that allowed me to massage it in. Next I applied my facial serum, I found that the eye treatment allowed my serum to slide on smoothly. My moisturizer also applied smoothly over it. *Note: these eye pads are quite large. They cover the entire “triangle” shape you do when concealing.* After about 1 hour I found my face to be quite greasy. My cheeks especially. I kept touching where the pads had been and oil was on my fingers.
The second time I used these I left them on for 10 mins and used my summer moisturizer (thinner). This time I had fantastic results. It still had that tacky feeling which my toner took care of. It allowed me to massage it in and I had the same results as above BUT not the greasy feeling. I think the eye treatment plus my thicker moisturizer was just too much for my skin.
Overall I found these to definitely be hydrating and moisturizing. I didn’t see a diminished appearance of wrinkles... because I don’t really have any. On a different note these pads did not accentuate my pores. I was a little worried these were so moisturizing that my pores would look enlarged, but nope! (Major bonus for us oily skin gals/guys). With a thinner moisturizer I didn’t have the greasy feeling under my eyes hours later. Lastly I found I got better results with 10 mins vs 30 mins.

Mini Family Review (dry /sensitive & mature):

My sister has a dry skin which is sensitive and is near my age. (both early 20′s) When she used these she had the overall same experience as me. She found they were hydrating and moisturizing, commenting on how smooth and soft her under eyes felt. We both had the same con of a tacky feeling left behind that does take about 30 mins to go away. I do not have sensitive skin, she found these burned a tad. Her skin was not inflamed afterwards, she tends to be very sensitive to exfoliators. Overall this wasn’t too irritating, but it did sting the entire time it was on. (Possibly be wary if you have very sensitive skin.)
Now my mom had RESULTS!!!! My mom has mature skin. I was so happy she let me test these on her. Since it’s my mom (and I’m an esthetician) she let me give her a mini facial. Before applying these I checked her under eye area. I wanted to see how dramatic the results would be. After I removed these I was shocked, her under eyes were very smooth and had a very minimal wrinkle appearance. The under eye area was plump, hydrated, and moisturized. She looked like she was well rested and honestly had no wrinkles. It helped her under eye area more than her crows feet. Her crows feet were more minimal while her under eye area was “gone” (temporarily of course). Hooded eyes do run in our family so I think it was more of an issue that the eye treatment pads “buckled” and didn’t stay flat because of the fold. I think if she had laid down and kept her eyes closed she would of seen more results with the crows feet. She wore them for 25 mins.
Overall very very impressed with these for mature skin. They really benefited her under eyes. If you have wrinkles (mature skin or genetic) these could be great for days you want to look your best. These give a very dewy appearance to your skin (on all skin types). On my eyes they were still plump/hydrated for about 2 days after use. My moms wrinkles were less pronounced still after 24 hours. They were not as dramatic as when you first take them off but they were still softened.
  • How many stars? 4 out of 5 
  • Who would you recommend this product for? mature skin types / those with wrinkles/crows feet!
  • Price? $48 (Exuviance)
  • Last Comments? My biggest con is the tacky feeling left behind (on all skin types). I think if you don’t have wrinkles save your money. Yes these are moisturizing and hydrating but a good eye cream should take care of that (or try a different eye mask). Now if you have wrinkles around your under eye get these! They work. 
Have you tried anything from Exuviance? Thoughts?
These product was sent to me for review. My opinions/thoughts are completely honest! ♡

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