Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Relaxing Spa-like Facials At Home 101

The first step to do a facial with the best benefits is to know your skin type and use products appropriate to your skin type! When you get a facial it’s always personalized there is no follow these steps / use these products exactly because skin is always changing. One day you might want to focus on relaxing, blackheads, hydration, exfoliation, etc... Feel free to leave me an ask! I can help you understand your skin better. Sometimes we feel like our skin is doing one thing but it could be a result your skin care routine. 

This is how I personally have experience doing facials at a Spa. Every spa / company has it’s own guidelines.
  • Remove your makeup. You can use an oil or wash your face.
  • Wash your face. You might be thinking didn’t I just wash it? Yes but the first wash only got off your makeup. You probably still have some makeup residue and if you don’t, now you face will properly be cleansed. 
  • Exfoliate! Now you have two choices: a physical or chemical exfoliant. With oiler skin I would recommend steaming while your exfoliant is on. At home you could do this putting your face above a bowl of boiling / hot water and a towel over your head. If you have drier skin you might do this for 1-3 mins vs 10 mins for oilier skin. Then to calm the skin do a tea mask. A tea mask is just like it sounds. Make tea (something calming) and chill it in the fridge. Wet (dampen) a paper towel and lay it on your face for 8~ mins. If it starts to get warm just wet it again. Of course you can always just do a quick physical exfoliation. 
  • Massage. Some places offer massages in facials. Even if you don’t want to massage your face, the technique I learned was beneficial! Use jojoba oil (mix with honey if you’re skin is dehydrated). Massage it in for 5~ mins allowing the oil to penetrate your skin. Remove with a warm towel.
  • Mask time!!! Now again depending on your skin type you might try different types of masks. Oilier would benefit from a clay based mask while drier skin (or dehydrated skin) could do a sheet mask. There are tons of options (clay, tea masks, gel, sheet, etc...). It’s all about what your skin needs.
  • Skin care routine. Once you remove your mask go in with your normal skin care. Serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and then lip balm. Since your skin is deeply cleansed your ingredients will penetrate deeper and have a better effect on your skin.
For something with major results I always recommend going to a professional. They can examine your skin and use other techniques / products not available to the general public. 

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