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Spongellé Anti-Cellulite Body Contouring Buffer Review + Giveaway & Discount Code


Spongelle's Anti-Cellulite Buffer is a dual sided Body Contouring Buffer that utilizes a SalSphere technology while massaging, smoothing, exfoliating, & detoxifying areas prone to cellulite. Using our proprietary delivery system daily while showering will help boost circulation & make you feel younger, toned, & rejuvenated.” (Discount Code: BBLOGGER20 / valid through Oct.19.2015)



(sponge comes plastic wrapped)


(wet: sponge side vs exfoliating side)


  • Benefits:
    • “Each buffer has its own one-of-a-kind fragrance blend created solely for Spongellé.”
    • Cleanses, exfoliate, and massage in a all-in-one product
    • SalSphere delivery system
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Dermatologist tested
    • 30+ washes
    • Contains coffee, arnica, and sea kelp
    • Helps smooth areas with cellulite 
  • Where to buy? Spongellé website ( and are available at Anthropologie, Kitson, and many high-end spas (list on website/store locator).
  • 100% USA made
  • NOT tested on animals
  • Instagram: beyondcleansing #spongelle


Discount Code: BBLOGGER20 valid through Oct 19, 2015

Spongellé’s entire brand is all about being innovative. With the Body Buffer product in particular it’s more than about diminishing the appearance of cellulite, it’s about being preventative. We all want to keep our youthful skin so preventing cellulite is the best way to keep your skin smooth and plump! 

The way the sponge works is by massaging, exfoliating, and washing your skin. The sponge is infused with body wash and is dual side. One side is a typical sponge and the other side is a more abrasive exfoliator! Spongelle works by being preventative: exfoliating areas prone to cellulite and massaging while washing which increases lymphatic flow.

I’ve been using this product for a week. It’s quite luxurious. I love the scent, it’s fresh and clean. What I really love about the product is that the body wash is infused in the sponge. It’s an easy way to pamper yourself after a long day! When you wet the sponge and squeeze it the bubbles start to form. I go over my entire body once with the sponge side then I use the exfoliating side on areas prone to cellulite everyday & all over every 2 days. In esthetics school we had a body wrap for cellulite to help diminish the appearance. This remind me of it but an easier, daily way! The body wash is moisturizing which helps plump up your skin, massaging with the sponge helps lymphatic flow, and exfoliating. After one I noticed it helped diminish the appearance of cellulite. It’s not going to permanently reverse it but it does make skin look smoother temporarily. 

My only con with this product is I’m not sure where to let it dry. I’ve been putting it on top of the box. (The box doesn’t fall apart is seems to be one of those hybrid plastic-ish paper boxes).

  • Would you re-buy this product? Yes.
  • How many stars? 4 out of 5
  • Who would you recommend this product for? Anyone looking for a high quality body wash/sponge + anyone who likes to treat themselves to pampering body products
  • Price? $25 (place to buy listed above)
  • Last Comments? Overall I really enjoy this! I like that I don’t have to buy a body wash, sponge, and exfoliator in 3 different products! It saves money and after 7 uses I’m not noticing any decreasing in bubbles/foaming. It’s not going to get rid of cellulite by any means but I do see a smooth appearance so I find it’s claims to be accurate! 

Have you tried anything from Spongellé? Thoughts?

These product was sent to me for review. My opinions/thoughts are completely honest! ♡

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