Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RiRi Woo vs Ruby Woo!

First is natural lighting and the second one is with flash in natural lighting.
(Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo)

Click through for swatches!

(Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo)

The first two are in natural lighting and the last one is with flash in natural lighting!
They really are quite similar. They are both Retro Matte finishes but the RiRi Woo is more creamier. RiRi Woo is more blue toned too. I think on me personally RiRi Woo is darker (noticeably darker, people could tell I wasn't wearing Ruby Woo). I find that RiRi Woo is an in-between color of Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I'm so pale that they definitely look different on, unlike on darker skin tones like Temptalia. When I wear them you can tell that RiRi Woo is darker but it does still has the same brightness as Ruby Woo. I really love both shades, I think if you are paler they will be enough of a difference to buy both. 
Price: $15 each 
(RiRi Woo is limited edition from the Rihanna Collection)

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  1. Thanks for this post it was really helpful, I was thinkin of getting riri woo but I already have ruby woo and they look really similar so I don't think i need to get it xxx