Monday, April 22, 2013

MAC Lipstick Swatches!

These are all of my MAC Lipsticks! (not including any other forulma i.e. prolong)
MAC lipsticks come in different finishes: Satin, Matte, Lustre, Glaze, Frost, Cremesheen, Amplified, and Amplified Creme.

Fleshpot: Satin finish, an ultra fleshy nude. 
As you can see on my skin tone (very very fair) it comes off almost orange-y nude. I'm not a fan on the Satin finishes personally, I like them but they wear weird on me. Back to the color though, as you can see compared to normal swatches this shade is very nude but has an orange tint too it. I think this is odd because on most people it isn't, most people would call this a concealer looking lip. On my lips it is very nude but does actually show up this slightly orange color.

Love Goddess(Marilyn Monroe collection): Satin, mid-tone pink red.
This shade is exactly how MAC describes it. It is a very very pink red. It's a nice unique shade, since no MAC lipsticks are this pink undertoned. It almost looks like a red undertoned pink when on.

St.Germain: Amplified, pale pink that's very blue based.
I love St. Germain. As described it is very pale pink. I call it my "hooker" lipstick, if you're wearing a heavy black smokey eye and this lipstick... well on me I look so bad! But other than that it's a gorgeous shade!

Pink Popcorn (Reel Sexy collection): Lustre, soft petal pink with blue undertones.
This color is basically a lavender that it is slightly pink. It's not super dramatic because it is a lustre, which are more sheer. I love the lustre finishes, they are very smooth but don't last the longest.

Creme d'nude: Cremesheen, pale muted peach beige.
This is kind of the perfect nude for a pale girl! It's not as dramatic as Fleshpot, but gives a nice nude effect without completely washing out your lips!

Creme Cup: Cremesheen, light blue pink.
This is my go to lipstick; I wear this shade almost every day. It's the perfect pink (it's similar to Angel by MAC). I recommend this to everyone! If I'm wearing makeup where I feel like a strong lip will throw off my entire look, I throw this on.

Watch Me Simmer (Shop MAC, Cook MAC): Amplified, vibrant coral.
A bright coral, need I say anymore?

Viva Glam Cyndi: Lustre, red coral.
This is literally my favorite MAC lipstick....ever! I wish it was permanent or I bought a backup, i would use this shade more but I don't wanna run out!

Russian Red: Matte, intense blue-ish red.
I think this is pretty much the most basic red. This color looks good on everyone. I also love MAC matte finishes (I know unpoular opinion). For the longest time I only wore reds and matte lipsticks, so this is a staple for anyone who likes red lipstick!

Ruby Woo: matte (retro), very matte vivid blue-red.
My all time favorite red lipstick ever! I know that a lot of people hate this color... everyone complains that it is drier than all the other matte lipsticks by MAC, but that's because it's a retro matte. I love blue lipsticks and this is just the perfect red to me!

Marquise'D (Wonder Woman collection): Lustre, semi-sheer pink nude with soft champagne sheen.
This is my favorite MAC lipstick ever..... next to Cyndi! ha But seriously I LOVE this color, as you can see it is falling apart from melting in my purse and everyday wear. I really want MAC to re-promote this color, it's seriously just perfect.

Innocence, Beware (Shop MAC, Cook MAC): Cremesheen, pale pink fleshy beige.
Once again I love this shade. For a paler girl I think this is the perfect pink-nude. Despite all the nudes I own, I'm more of a fan of pinks. This gives me the best of both worlds.

Rebel: Satin, midtonal cream plum.
Rebel looks quite intimidating in the packaging. It looks almost like a very dark purple with a bright sheen. But once you apply this it is the most wearable purple! It also leaves an amazing stain (outside shade of swatch). I personally think it has a more of a deep purple with pink undertones!

Viva Glam Nicki I: Satin, bright yellow pink.
When MAC says bright they are not kidding! I know a lot of girls who got this said it has a coral undertone. On paler girls... it is basically the most Barbie bright pink. I honestly kinda hate this shade on my skin tone, I was hoping it would be more coral like on deeper girls.

Snob: Satin, light neutral pink.
Basically the most perfect pink ever? I love this shade,but it is very dupe-able in the drugstore market. It's the best pink ever, I like that it isn't too blue or yellow. Every girl should own this lipstick!

Viva Glam V: Lustre, neutral pink with pearl.
For me personally this is a your lips but better shade. It can be very... frosty (for not being a frost). I know on my mom it looks like she's been thrown back into the 90's but on me it doesn't come off that shimmery! Oh and all money from Viva Glam shades go to finding a cure for AIDS.

Hue: Glaze, soft pale pink.
Before I got Creme Cup this was my everyday lip color. It is definitely more pale than Creme Cup and almost less pink on my skin tone. The swatch to more of what it looks like on paler skin tones, it's more of a pale pink thats slightly nude undertones (maybe a neutral undertone). The glaze finish is like a lipstick in gloss form. It's not as pigmented as a cremesheen but more glossy.

See Sheer: Lustre, grapefruit pink.
So as you can tell lustre is my favorite finish (besides matte)! This is a nice shade for when I want to wear a red but a red might look to dramatic. On me it's a pink that is ever so slightly red once it's on my lips.

Restrict (Gareth Pugh collection): Cremesheen, creamy grayed nude.
As described it is a nude that has a grey tone, almost taupe tone. On the lips it actually looks grey, definitely not an everyday color, but it's great to tone down other lipsticks!


  1. I love thí Viva Glam Nicki I: Satin, bright yellow pink.

  2. I totally love MAC Russian Red.So simple,yet beautiful.

  3. The first pic has a wrong name. I've searched for fleshpot in google but a different shade has been appearing :(

    1. It's right! As you can tell on Temptalia ( it's pale on her because she is tan. On me since I'm a NC 10 it's not that pale!

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  6. You've got a good collection! Really like the shades particularly Flesh Pot, Innocence Beware and Marquise 'D which I would love to try out now! Pity the last two don't seem to be available on their website :/ gorgeous colours for fair skin..